many worlds in one: the personal is poetic, the poetic is political, the political is personal.
work by gita hashemi


Utopias In-Progress: Seven Brief Theses on Art, Revolution and Autonomy |
PDF G. Hashemi. (2011) 2019 re-release

Oh. Canada. Forget about art. Can we talk about the streets? | PDF
G. Hashemi. Fuse Magazine, Vol. 33, #4 (2010)

There Is a Third Voice in Iran | PDF
G. Hashemi. Fuse Magazine, Vol. 33, #1 (2010)

Viva la revolucion | PDF
G. Hashemi. Integracion y Resistancia en la Era Global: Evento Teorico Decima Bienal de La Habana. Decima Bienal de La Habana, Havana, Cuba (2009)

Notes on a Strike | PDF
G. Hashemi. Fuse Magazine, Vol. 32 #2. (2009)

Los imperatives de la liberacion | PDF
G. Hashemi. Ex. cat. Arte Nuevo InteractivA’07, Merida, (2007)

Women, Gender and Representations of Sexualities and Gender – Erotic Literature: Iran | PDF
G. Hashemi and F. Farahani. Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures, Vol. V. Leiden; Boston: Brill (2003-)

The [New] Politics of Identity: A checklist and invitation

G. Hashemi, J. Wyman and I. Zorde. Fuse Magazine, Vol. 29 # 1 (2006)

General Public Freedom of Knowledge License | EXTERNAL SITE
G. Hashemi. Public, #31 (2005)

Locating Afghanistan: A brief history | PDF
G. Hashemi. Ex. cat. Arte Nuevo InteractivA’05, Merida, (2005)

Securing the Nation post 9/11: The Case Against Steve Kurtz | PDF
G. Hashemi and J. Graham. Fuse Magazine, Vol. 28 #4 (2005)

Locating Afghanistan | PDF
G. Hashemi, B Salari, H. Niazmand. Cedar Rapids: Subversive Press (2004)

RealPlay | PDF
G. Hashemi. Online ex. cat. RRF 2005. Cologne: New Media Festival (2005)

Across the Divides, Against the Grain | PDF
G. Hashemi and H. Loubani. Resources for Feminist Research, Vol. 30 #3 & 4 (2004)

Negotiations: A Post-Ironic Memo with No Slogans | PDF
G. Hashemi. Fuse Magazine, Vol. 26 #3 (2003)

Negotiations: A Message to Participants | PDF | site
G. Hashemi. Ex. cat. Toronto: Creative Response (2003).

Will | PDF | site
G. Hashemi and H. Loubani. Ex. cat. Toronto: Creative Response (2003)

Afghanistan, 2002: No Refuge | PDF
G. Hashemi and B. Salari. Refuge, Vol. 21 #3 (2002)

Trans/Planting: Contemporary Art by Women from/in Iran | PDF | site
G. Hashemi and T. Hemami. Toronto, A Space Gallery (2001)

G. Hashemi. The Productive Chasm of Exile | PDF
Conference paper, CIRA, Toronto, April 2001

Interfaces 2: Roaming in a Virginal Garden with Women Without Men | PDF
G. Hashemi. Unpublished (2000)

Interfaces 1: Veiled Interrogations in a Walled Space | PDF
G. Hashemi. Unpublished (2000)

Between Parallel Mirrors: Foucault, Attoussa and Me, on Sexuality of History | PDF
G. Hashemi. Unpublished thesis (1999)

The Towers; or Three Letters to Roland Barthes and Two Public Announcements | PDF
G. Hashemi. Unpublished (1998)

From Footnotes to Text: A Working Paper in Feminist Methodology | PDF
G. Hashemi. Unpublished (1998)

Enter Conjurour: Chronicle of a Crisis | PDF
G. Hashemi. Unpublished (1997)

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