many worlds in one: the personal is poetic, the poetic is political, the political is personal.
work by gita hashemi


Over the past 19 years, I have set up, maintained and let go of several domains. Domains stand as signposts for concepts and projects. Some of these are long-term and ongoing and some have been short-lived. In some cases the domain itself is the concept, e.g. OpinionWare. Unless otherwise noted, all design in mine.

GitaHa.Net (2010- ) is a portfolio site which also functions as a domain base for some of my older projects.

SubversivePress.Org (2004- ) started as a concept and collaborative effort (with Haleh Niazmand and Daniel Ellis) in 2004, with two projects materialized (pdf downloadable). It is now a solo enterprise with more projects coming to fruition.

OpinionWare.Net was established in 2004 as a (data)base for overtly political interventionist projects. For practical reasons which soon became also politically/conceptually relevant, this domain also hosted a couple of my teaching sites in 2008-09.

StrictlyPersonal.Net (2003- ) originally started as a broad database of all sort of material, and soon began to function as a chronological archive of my work since 1995.

last modified: 26 JUN 2017