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08/MAY: What's up today?

--- update at 6:30 pm ---

The tutorial list has been posted. Please read my announcement here for the next step you need to complete (posting your personal intro by Wednesday pm). Remember that you have to be registered on the forum and logged in to be able to read attachements and post to the forum.

--- first posting at 1 pm---

Hello world!
  1. The increased course enrollment and teaching team means that I have to rethink how the course is organized and delivered. I and Elaine Sharpe (tutorial leader) will meet this afternoon to go over course stuff. This is our first meeting since Elaine just joined the course for all the reasons that you already know. I will finalize course documents including syllabus, grade components and schedule after this meeting. We will have to work out the details later in the coming weeks.
  2. Read tentative course syllabus and schedule are posted here. Note that I said tentative, meaning that they will be finalized after this afternoon's teaching team meeting. I am posting the tentative stuff only to give you a general sense of what we're doing here so you can decide if you want to stay in the course.
  3. Please register immediately on course forum. This is where course discussions take place and you must be registered in order to participate. IMPORTANT: You must only register with your full name (as it is on your student records) for username and your YorkU address for email address. Using any other name and/or address will result in immediate deletion of your registration and you will have to go through the process again. Save yourself and me the time and extra work. Once you register, the system will send a confirmation email to your YorkU address. You must follow the instructions in that email in order to activate your account. Also, keep in mind that you have the option to make your email address publicly visible or invisible. I suggest you make it invisible. Your classmates and instructor will be able to send you private messages via the application itself.
  4. Bookmark and familiarize yourself with this website. This is where you will have to come every day to keep up with the course.
  5. I will post the course intro later today or tomorrow morning after teaching team meeting. Check back again today or later tomorrow morning to read it.
  6. This will be an exciting ride. Hang in there.
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